Tuesday, April 09, 2019

Course Review: MS Project 2013 Live Lessons - Crisp And Effective Way To Master Your Concepts

By Ajanta Behera, PMP

Microsoft Project is a widely used tool for project management in industry. Not only it enhances your understanding of project management, but also brings more opportunities in professional life. I've used MS Project 2013 from ManagementYogi first in April, 2017 and recently got an extended access.

The MS Project 2013 video course is a very useful method of learning the MS Project software.

Features in this Course:
  • Entire course in video format: It’s very detailed course and yet a point by point approach on how to use this particular software for implementing the project management techniques. The course’s lessons are with various .mpp files and explained in video format. 
  • Jumpstart for Novices: The course starts from the very beginning of downloading the correct version software based on the system configuration and how to proceed.
  • Many Exercises: The course has a structured way of first defining the problem in the lesson exercises or assignments after each lesson, and letting out the user to check his or her existing knowledge post which the user can validate the result with the answers. This boosted-up my confidence as I proceeded with the course. 
  • Advanced Topics: Coverage of advanced topics like using master projects, earned value management etc. It has been extremely useful.
  • Revisiting Important Points: Across different chapters, important points have been revisited. Project management definitions along with managing scope, cost and time will be very difficult task when carried out on papers. The details and the important points given by Satya sir has made this course easy to understand and implement.
  • Exhaustive Coverage: Satya sir has made it very easy with his expert knowledge on concepts related to settings, creating a new plan, adding resources to tasks, best methods to plan duration, cost and time, to track progress, and advanced scheduling. This course has all of them.
This course also mentions what is the best approach for each topic or lesson. As we are all aware that visual and hearing method of teaching is very effective, same holds good for this course.

I would like to thank Satya sir for putting his effort and time to bring out such a crisp and effective way to understand and master the concepts for MS project 2013. 

Brief Profile: 
Ajanta Behera: I’m currently working as an Associate Project Manager, Standard Chartered Bank. I’ve experience in various domains - Clinical, Insurance, and Finance.

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