Wednesday, January 06, 2021

PMP Success Story: Study Consistently and Read the Most Recommended Book by PMs in My Circle – ‘I Want To Be A PMP’

By Sarayu Gajendra, PMP, CAPM 


I wanted to be Project Management Professional (PMP®) certified to get a job of my choice, earn respect, safety, knowledge, promotion and stability. 

As soon as I cleared the Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM®) exam, I knew my next goal was PMP and then I didn’t know what books to refer to, where I’ll find the materials and what I need to study.

Like most of us, my first point of contact were my friends who are also in the project management profession. They suggested the book I Want To Be A PMP, by Satya Narayan Dash. 

I haven’t attended his class and never knew him before. Only because it was recommended to me by my colleagues, I followed his book. I had taken my needed 35 contact hours from other providers. 

Own Study

I studied for two hours daily from 4AM to 6AM. I used to make notes after reading the book - I Want To Be A PMP, and solved almost 1000+ questions. Throughout my preparation, I’ve primarily referred this book.

Other than this book, I also referred other content, few apps and PMPs exam questions for my practice. I also referred a quite a few videos from YouTube. 

Only obstacle I faced was managing time and keeping myself motivated. To do this I started writing as I leant and kept a target for myself every week.

Book Review - I Want To Be A PMP

It’s a great book and very easy to read. 

Like the saying goes: “if the base is strong, the building will definitely be strong”. 

So first I understood the concepts from the book, important topics for the exam and an easy way of memorizing concepts through this book and then I started solving a lot of questions. These helped me pass the PMP exam.

My favorite topics of readings are: 

  • Risk Management, 
  • Procurement Management, 
  • Communications Management, and 
  • Stakeholder Management. 

Other than the above knowledge areas, the remaining concepts are also nicely explained in the book.

PMP Exam Experience

I had scheduled my exam from 10AM to 2PM. Ten days before my actual exam, I daily practiced staying awake during that time and took mock exams for those 4 hours. This kept me prepared mentally and helped me concentrate for four hours at a stretch.

I joined a whatsapp group for PMP exam preparation as well and this group kept me motivated. There are a number of PMP aspirants sharing their feedback and helping with important questions.

Approach Used

I have had some quick ways to address the PMP exam questions.

  • If there are scenario-based questions and there are two options that seem right, I choose the longest option and choose the one that sounds like a more humane PM.
  • If the question has the word risk, then the answer will also fall under one of the risk management processes.
  • For lengthy questions, I would read the last line and the options. Then I would read the para real fast.

Suggestions for PMP Aspirants

  • Three months is enough to study and clear this exam.
  • Go through Satya sir’s videos, and read I Want To Be PMP book.
  • Solve a lot of questions.

Brief Profile: 

Sarayu Gajendra, PMP, CAPM. 

I currently work in the project management profession at an MNC, based out of Bangalore, India.

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