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Mastering MS Project Agile Course Review–An Absolutely Delightful, High-Quality Course At A Very Low Cost!

By Ravi O’Reilly

Why this Course?

I decided to purchase this course after a lot of extensive research for a specific purpose after being tasked with building and managing a programme plan with Agile methodologies. I could not find any examples, templates, or learning anywhere and I was absolutely delighted when I came across ManagementYogi’s Mastering MS Project Agile course

My task was to create an MS project plan template for my team which shows all aspects of agile and traditional waterfall and then from that provide a rolled-up view of a programme plan. When I contacted Satya, he advised me to start with this course. I am so pleased I made the decision to take this course, it has met over and above my basic requirements.

Unique Selling Point (USP)

This entire course is so unique. It starts from the beginner steps right the way through to where you become comfortable with how MS Project agile tools actually works and gets you into advanced concepts practically and theoretically.

The course covers in detail all the different boards and views available, how to get in and out, how to input the data, how to remove data, where it appears, how to sort the tasks, how to move them, how to create the custom views, all the reporting views, the terminology, there are many, many aspects to it. 

Basically, the course takes from a beginner level to an advanced level and to the level of an expert.

What I Learned and How It Helped?

I’ll highlight the following things that I learned so far from the course:

  • I really now understand what agile projects are and what my team is working on. Nothing is missed out which means you really get to know the MS Project agile tool inside out.
  • I got a good grip on the various board and sheet related views of Scrum and Kanban, which view is used for what and how to get to them, various Agile/Sprint/Kanban fields and associated functionalities. 
  • I learned how to build burn-down charts, burn-up charts. I learned how to create charts and how to make them presentable using all the extra tools and tips. It is very detailed which means you can very quickly become proficient and an expert in this.
  • It is definitely practically-led, nothing is left out. In my opinion, if someone is learning this for the first time or even if they know how to use the MS project software with Agile functionalities, it is still worth doing.
  • It has really empowered me. I can confidently speak about how the Agile plan(s) should be put together. I know when project managers themselves are not understanding how to plan their own deliverables with MS Project (Agile). I can definitely help guide them and apply best practice and industry standards after doing this course.
  • Providing all the exercise files were so helpful for me. You can easily follow along with the video and see how it should look in the actual file. And then can create your own files. This course’s solution files will give you the foundations to build your learning.
  • Agile in a hands-on manner with MS Project is a niche skill. I am in a Planning Manager role and MS Project Agile is a highly sought-after skill. This course definitely fast-tracked my skill set. It will make you stand out in whatever project management field you are in.
  • The explanations are simple, clear and understandable and one can grasp all the technical terms as well. The videos are well presented, everything is organised, neatly structured. You get all the materials, a course structure guide, which helps to know where you are and how many lessons and videos you have left. I really absorb Satya’s teaching style and format.
  • I received helpful answers to my queries when I had questions and I continue to get support for my learning. ManagementYogi’s work is such a useful resource for me and he has got me out of what was thought as an impossible task and I have definitely impressed upon my team.
  • I’m revisiting all I learned. Now I am finishing the last part of the course, i.e., Advanced Scrum and Advanced Kanban.
  • It is such a great investment in many aspects, in terms of your own time, your own learning, your own career path, nothing is rushed, you can pace yourself, and you can go over things. If you don’t get it in the first few videos, you soon start to pick it up as the steps and learning are repeated.

I really appreciate the full value and I am very much grateful to management yogi for sharing his expertise, knowledge and experience and for going into so much depth and making the user comfortably know what they are doing.


I am surprised at the very low cost for the high quality and amount of training one receives. You basically get more out of it than you would expect. In my opinion it seems too good to be true, but it is true. It covers the entire length and breadth of MS Project Agile. 

Whilst you are learning you get all these extra tips, when something can’t be done in MS Project Agile, the bonus is that there is a way and there is always a work around and this course gives you that as well. 

You are likely to come across in real life work and at least then you have a way to fix things and you are not left stranded. So, everything is covered in this course and again I am grateful to Satya for covering this in the course. Thank you so much ManagementYogi.

Wherever you are in your professional journey, I thoroughly recommend this course and would encourage you to just go for it. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. 

Brief Profile:

Ravi O’Reilly: Planning Manager Role, Working in UK Government and Transport related programmes and projects and application of industry best practice planning standards.

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