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New Course - Practical PMP with Oracle Primavera P6 R15.x

'Practical PMP® with Oracle® Primavera P6' has been used by many professionals worldwide, since it launch in the beginning of 2015.  You would know that PMP exam has gone through certain changes in 2016 and has focus on certain new areas. Also, the latest release on Primavera P6 Professional is Release 15.2. 

Based on these new changes to PMP exam and Primavera P6 software, the new course - "Practical PMP with Primavera P6 R15.x" - is  launched. It will have all the changes mentioned for the new PMP exam. Also, PMP aspirants can use the new Primavera P6 Professional R15.x (specifically 15.2), which has a number of new features, as a hands-on tool to understand the theory. 

The official announcements are noted below:
For more details on PMP exam 2016 changes refer the short slide video in YouTube. (03m:18s)

Some of the changes for the PMP exam, which are part of the new course:
  • Goals, Strategy and Objective
  • Business Strategy, Business Benefits, Benefits Realization
  • Strategic Alignment of Projects and Role of Project Manager
  • and more...
Some of the changes for Primavera P6 R15.2, which are also part of the new course:
  • Additional Filter Criteria for Codes
  • Resource Selection and Resource Histogram
  • Microsoft Project 2013 (and 2016) integration
  • and more...

Why Practical PMP with Primavera?
Let me elaborate with some examples.

1. In Cost Management knowledge area of PMBOK® Guide, you will be definitely learning on Earned Value Measurement (EVM). But then, how EVM happens in real time? How do you plan, baseline and set the status date? How do you find the basic EVM metrics like BAC, EV, PV, AC? How do you find out the forecasting metrics such as EAC or ETC? Or for that matter how to present them graphically in real life tools? Only theory wont help you here. 

2. Let us take Human Resource Management knowledge area, again from PMBOK Guide. Resource Calendars (drawn from Project Calendars), Resource Histogram, Resource Usage - all sounds good in theory. But how that happens in a practical way in real life projects? How about the Resource Breakdown Structure(RBS) which is created in Time Management, but considers Resource Management, Procurement Management? Again, theory wont tell you that. 

3. Now, let us take Scope Management knowledge area. Work Breakdown Strucure (WBS), Levels in the WBS, WBS Dictionary, Scope Baseline - all fine in theory. But how use them practically in a project? As you can see, theory again falls short here. Similarly, how about Communication Management, Risk Management? 

If you want to check on Time Management knowledge area, there is a white paper available, which details the similarities and differences between PMBOK and Primavera P6.
Detailed Course
For more details on 'Practical PMP with Primavera P6 R15.x', the following details are available. To know the content of the course, refer the "Complete Course" document.
  • Practical PMP with Primavera P6 15.x - Course Overview (Link)
  • Practical PMP with Primavera P6 15.x - Complete Course (Link)
  • Practical PMP with Primavera P6 15.x - Course Benefits (Link)
  • Practical PMP with Primavera P6 15.x - Certification Process for PMP, Oracle Primavera P6 (Link)
  • Practical PMP with Primavera P6 15.x - Who Can Attend (Link)
  • Practical PMP with Primavera P6 15.x - Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ) (Link)
Details on Practical PMP with Primavera P6 R15.x and R8.x are also available here

Theory and Hands-on Practicals with .XER Files

Participants in the class and professionals who buy this course, find it very useful to practice theory with hands-on practicals. Project management knowledge areas, as outlined in the course details, have many XER files associated as references, which one can use. These XER files are based on the practicals at the end of various modules. Do note that the course is built on a case study - module by module. In addition, a number of videos on project management theory and hands-on practicals are available. In fact, the most in demand are these files and practicals for this course. 

I am certain this course will provide immense benefits to aspiring PMPs, who want to have hands-on proficiency on Oracle Primavera P6 - side by side.

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