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PMP Success Story - Don’t Waste Time in Joining Useless Training, rather Choose the Right Coach and Take Sufficient Practice Tests

Pradyumna Deshpande had earlier taken PMP® trainings from others, but realized it is a waste of time for him. He realized foundation is important and only on a strong foundation, one can prepare properly for the exam. Today Pradyumna is a successful PMP. He did it in the beginning of this year. 

In my class, I remember Pradyumna to be a quiet person, but joins in whenever the team is struggling to solve a problem given or not able to reach a conclusion. I remember him sitting at the end of the class, but very attentive throughout the session. On the day of his certification, he informed me via twitter. In fact, his was the 1st success story that I came to know in 2016. 

Below, he has outlined his experience and how he succeeded in being PMP. Go on and read his unique experience.

My main inspiration to go for PMP certification was to be ahead in competitive job market and ensure that I speak and follow the practice set in project management professional world. 

I had started self-learning and then attended trainings given by inexperienced trainers. This actually wasted my time as I was not able to understand. Then through reference of my friend, I identified Coach Satya Narayan Dash. This helped and changed the way I studied and helped in clearing PMP exam.

PMP Training Experience
I opted for weekends training and Satya was my coach. His training methods and example he gave for each topic helped in understanding the best PMP practices very quickly.
Takeaways from PMP trainings were:

  • Clear understanding of 47 processes, knowledge areas and how to study and understand each topic.
  • How to approach and plan my own self-study.
  • Mathematical calculations throughout the topic were made easy to understand.
  • Tips on how to prepare and write exam.

My Own Study:
I started studying on weekends for 2 to 4 hours. I would have spent around 300 to 350 hours for studying.  I referred PMI® PMBO Guide and Rita. I read them twice and I attempted around 10 online exams. I had confidence to give exam after I started scoring 80%.

Major obstacles were the approach of studying only on weekend. I found it difficult to recollect as I would some time skip studying few weekends. 

We had company shutdown during which I studied for 8 to 10 days and gave my exam. Continuous flow of studying helps and gives enough confidence.

My PMP Exam Experience
I scheduled my exam at Prometric at PSN office. Four hours of exam is quite draining, so I had carried some food items and water. I took one break in between for snacks.

There were quite number of question on mathematical and network diagram.  Brain dump of formulas helped as I did not have to think through the formula when I encountered mathematical question.

Some network diagram does not require calculation of forward and backward path. Understanding the question and option given helps in solving them directly. This would save time during exam.

Look out for ‘Next’, ‘Best’, ‘First’ and ‘Except’ key words in questions as some time all answer may be correct and you have to choose among them.

Suggestions for PMP Aspirants
-    Dos 

  • Choose a good coach. Satya is excellent. 
  • Refer PMBOK and any one PMP book. (I referred Rita).
  • Attempt as many online exams as possible. This gives more confidence. 
  • Have study partner with whom you can discuss and clarify doubts.
-    Don’ts 
  • Don’t have gaps in studies.
  • During exam don’t get stuck on a question if you are not sure of answer.
Brief Profile: Pradyumna Deshpande, Platform Test Manager, CapGemini, India.


Pradyumna’s PMP detail is available at PMI’s online registry.

I am thankful to Pradyumna for sharing his experience to all the readers of this blog and believe it will help my readers for their PMP preparation.

Book Available for PMP Exam:

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