Thursday, February 25, 2016

PMP Success Story – Understand the Concepts Well and Thoroughly Read the PMBOK Guide

Sunil Kumar wanted to take the PMP® exam early, but was somewhat delayed due to work pressure and later on audit process by PMI®. As he has mentioned, the application is selected for audit randomly and it will be easily cleared if you have filled up application properly. Many aspirants, who read this blog and ask this question, can follow this simple approach.

Today Sunil is a proud PMP and believes he has a better understanding on project management. 

Sunil was part of my class in October 2015. An enthusiastic person with quick responses, he was very participative in the class. I also remember him quite upfront and direct in his approach. Success in the PMP exam brings great satisfaction as the exam demands rigorous preparation.  Sunil informed me after getting certified and was indeed happy. I share his happiness. 

Go on and read his unique experience. 


First of all, thanks to Mr. Satya Narayan Dash for inspiring me to write my experience on the PMP exam. 

In my organisation, few of my colleagues and seniors are attempting get PMP certification. My Boss also inspired me to get certified. The HR team of my organization selected the study centre as per their policies and finalized negotiations. I thank my organisation for their support.

PMP Training Experience
While getting PMP coaching, in order to avail required 35 mandatory contact hours, I really appreciate my Coach Mr. Satya Narayan Dash. It was a wonderful experience and good start to prepare for PMP exam. It clearly explained on Project Management.    

The material provided by the training centre and additional materials by the coach sufficiently covered the PMBOK® Guide. Also Mr. Dash supported beyond the training session by replying to my questions, though he normally does not take individual questions beyond the session.  He has also shared a lot of information through this blog.  The articles published by other successful PMPs also helped. 

Own Preparation
I had my training in mid-October 2015 and planned to appear in the exam by December end. However due to hectic office work, I was unable to concentrate on my study. Subsequently, I planned to appear during the end of January 2016. 

However, during my form filling up process with PMI, I was selected for Audit. The audit process by PMI is a randomly selected process and it takes time. I had to wait few weeks more to finally sit in the exam, which happened after clearing the audit process. I scheduled the exam on 22nd February, 2016.  

During my study, I read the books by Head First, Rita Mulchay and of course, the PMBOK Guide. I prefer to read the book by Rita along with PMBOK and it was really helpful.
Post exam, I can say it is not wise to remember too many details. Rather try to understand the content, process and what is your decision in certain circumstances or how will you act in certain situations. All these should be based on your knowledge and understanding on the PMBOK guide.

PMP Exam Experience
I am not very good in English as a language, though I am familiar with Indian English. It created a slight problem for me. It took extra time for me to understand the whole paragraph questions (bigger ones) as the exam is in American English. Anyway, I managed to answer all the 200 questions. But I was unable to review it due to shortage of time. I think it may be problem only with me and believe may not be problem for others.

I prepared for the mathematically questions. So, in the exam, there are around 10 mathematical questions which I was able to crack due to my specific preparation.  Rest of the questions were situational and few were tricky questions or questions which will put into traps.

Suggestions for PMP Aspirants
- Dos
  • Your work experience and experience in Project Management will help you to understand the processes and content of PMBOK guide. But a through reading of the PMBOK guide is necessary to pass the exam.
- Don’ts
  • Don’t prepare like normal exam study, i.e., do not try to remember things as we typically tend to do.  The exam is completely based on your understanding of concepts.
There are many areas in project management and in certain areas we lack in knowledge. But, now I feel I have a much better understanding of project management. 

Brief Profile: I am Sunil Kumar and have been working as a Manager, Contracts at UE Development India Pvt. Ltd. in Engineering and Construction sector. 


Sunil’s PMP detail is available at PMI’s online registry.

I am thankful to Sunil for sharing his exam experience and I believe it will help you – the aspiring PMP – in getting your PMP certification.

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