Wednesday, February 01, 2017

PMP Success Story: Worth Studying and Understanding the Project Management Concepts from PMI

By Mangala Bhat, PMP

During my job search, I found that, along with work experience, industry expects PMP® certification. I started looking for different providers both face to face or online sessions. Finally, I decided to take a face to face training to obtain the required contact hours. 

Face to face learning gives more opportunity to know the subject and to ask questions or seek advice.  After paying the fee, I checked with the provider about the coach and I was very satisfied with the feedback given in their website about Satya Narayan Dash.

Coaching Experience
PMP coaching over the two weekends were very intensive. It is a vast subject to be covered in such a short time.  Satya gave many tips about the topics of interest for the exams throughout the sessions which are very helpful for the further preparation for the exams. The complete content covered by Satya was clear and helpful in understanding the PMBOK® better.

Application Submission
After attending the session, you would know different process areas. Based on that, you need to be able to divide your project management effort into different groups and keep them ready for entering in the application form. Better to become a PMI® member, update your complete profile and start entering the already noted down project details into the application. You can take your time to complete the application. Once the fee was paid, my plan to schedule the exam in little over a month.

My Study
After initial 2 days’ of classroom session I became PMI member and obtained my copy of PMBOK guide and started reading it. Then I changed my strategy and took some trial exams – wherever I was unable to crack or have lack of understanding, I would go through the guide and if the question is out of bound, I would search on the internet. I studied the PMBOK guide once completely. The books and mock exams referred are:

  • The PMBOK Guide, 5th Edition
  • Rita Mulcahy’s book 
  • 75 free questions from Oliver Lehmann
  • Contents from the internet

While taking mock exams, it is very important to understand why your answer is wrong and also why the other answer is correct.

I noticed that the questions difficulty level in real exam was similar to chapter end questions of Rita’s book. However, the answers are more confusing in the real exam. Also, while taking chapter end questions, as you will be aware of which chapter questions you are taking, it is easy to guess the right answer. 

PMP Exam Experience
I had scheduled my exams in the morning of 11th January, 2017. I gave them a call to confirm the appointment scheduled earlier.  On the exam day, I reached the centre well in advance. At the centre, I was briefed about the exam process. There is no brain dump allowed before the actual exam begins. I received 4 work sheets, 2 pencils and a calculator. 

I attended 100 questions and took a break for 5 minutes.  I took 3.5 hours to complete the first round of 200 questions. I had marked few questions for review and I reviewed them in next half an hour. Strike through option which is available to mark the incorrect answers helped while reviewing the marked questions. While answering in the exam, I was confident that I would pass and I was happy to see the “Congratulations” message.

Suggestions for PMP Aspirants
  • Once applied study well and understand how different processes are related.
  • Solve as many situational questions or mathematical questions as possible along with reading the PMBOK Guide.

  • Do not delay in submitting the application.
  • During the exam, do not hurry while reading the question/answers. Read carefully and fully. 

It was worth studying and understanding the project management in PMI way. It has motivated me to obtain further certifications of PMI.

Brief Profile: I am a project management professional with over 16 years of experience. I worked as project manager in Tpvision India Private Limited.

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