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PMP Success Story: Truly, A Dream Came True

By Manjunath R, PMP

From past 3 years, I was planning to earn PMP® certification. I was not sure where and how to start. I was having a copy of head first and was going through the same every now and then. 

But, last November 2016, I made up my mind and joined a classroom session. After earning 35 PDU from the centre, I started studying as per Guidance provided by Mr Satyanarayan Dash. 

His Tips helped me a lot. His question bank of 675 questions (from the book “I Want To Be A PMP”) was tougher than the actual PMP exam. This made me more alert and vigilant. It also made me revise in the right direction. 

PMP Coaching Experience
The first day in the classroom session was a total chaos for me. I was completely lost and was not able to follow most of the things. I shared this experience with Mr.Satyanarayan. He told me to go through the course materials before attending next class. The next day in the classroom was pretty good. I was in line with the discussion, but, still I couldn’t answer more than 50% questions – compared to the speed with which my fellow classmates answered. 

Next two classes, I made up my mind to catch up with the rest of the class. At the end of the 4th day, I was pretty convinced that I should be able to pass PMP if I put effort in right direction. 

Things which helped me to prepare in right direction were tips by Mr Satyanarayan and by Rita Mulcahy’s PMP exam prep book-Eight Edition.

Own Study
After my coaching class in November 2016, I was not sure when to schedule the exam. I wasn’t even a member of PMI. I started studying seriously by April 2017. 

I spent around 2-3 hours every day studying. I started off with PMBOK® guide and course materials that I had. After solving around 1500 questions, I felt more confident about appearing in the exam.

Below is the list of questions I’ve tried.

Upon completing all the question banks, I realised where I was standing. I was between 70-80% range. 

I registered at PMI.org and submitted by exam application. My application was approved by PMI without audit. I scheduled exam on 27th July, 2017. I was left with 36 days. By that time, I had completed one reading of the above-mentioned materials. 

By 10th of July,I was able to complete the second reading. Simultaneously, I was preparing notes to glance through after the revision is completed.  One week before the exam, I only went through my notes. I made sure that I don’t over read. A day before the exam, I spent only 2 hours reading my notes as per my schedule. I tried to relax for the whole day. I had noted down the formulas and “Who stated what” in one sheet and was practicing them daily. 

PMP Exam Experience
I visited the exam centre one week before the exam to get familiar with the place. I had scheduled my exam in the morning. I was little nervous in the beginning. As I stared answering, I got involved completely and felt confident. 

I completed answering 50 questions and took a break ,after completing 160 questions I took another break. Whenever I felt stress, I kept telling myself, “this is the time, If I don’t do it now, I will repent”, which kept me focused. By the time I completed attending 200 questions, I was left with only 3 minutes to review. Since I had answered the marked questions also, I was not so bothered. 

But, before submitting I was really anxious. I remembered Mr Satyanarayan’s saying “Don’t let the computer take control of your exam, rather you take control of it”. I finally clicked submit button. It took few minutes to process. I was very nervous. I could feel my heart-beat getting faster and faster with every passing moment.

Meanwhile, I gave feedback about Prometric centre. Then, I just closed my eyes waiting for my results. That’s when I heard “Sir” from my back. I turned back to see Invigilator standing behind and pointing towards the screen. It displayed “Congratulations, you have passed”!
I was so happy; I leaned back on the chair, took a deep breath and thanked God from the bottom of my heart. It was a very tight schedule and experience. 

Suggestions for PMP Aspirants
  • Don’t over read, instead try to analyse the situation. 
  • Don’t just look into the answers, instead try to think about an answer and see which answer matches your thoughts.(as noted by Rita Mulcahy)
  • Don’t Panic in the exam, be calm.(as told by Mr. Satyanarayan)
  • Most of the questions were tricky. It takes more than a minute to understand and choose an answer. Hence, plan properly.
  • Plan your breaks during the exam. It costed me 10 minutes for 2 breaks and 2 minutes dedicated for checking drill. 
  • Last but not the least, keep telling yourself that you will make it for sure. 

Good Luck to all the aspiring PMPs.

Brief Profile:
Name: Manjunath.R
Designation: Deputy General Manager 
Company: PDD Infratech
Qualification: BE Civil
Experience: 12 plus years 

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