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PMI Online Proctored Exams in 11 Steps - Three Important Videos

This article is in continuation of the previous one:

PMI Online Proctored Exams - How to Take it Step by Step?

You need to go through the set of steps, notes and tips mentioned in the above linked article, before going through the videos. These videos are primarily taken from PMP Live Lessons – Guaranteed Pass. Exhaustive set of videos on how to take the online procotored exam, how to use the whiteboard, how to use the calculator, a number of tips (including the ones which can completely wipe-out your notes!), among many others, are available in PMP Live Lessons course. 

Though these videos are primarily a subset of videos from PMP Live Lessons, the content of these videos will be applicable for all PMI related exams - PMP, CAPM, ACP and PBA, which can now be taken in online protored mode.

The reason I decided to publish the videos are noted below.
  • There is still a lot of fear in taking the online proctored test, the main reason being there are few such experiences available.
  • In some countries one may never have a reliable power connection. The connection can go down at any time and this may last for hours and sometimes the entire day or days. India has this problem - even in big cities. You have to make arrangement(s) to circumvent this problem. Because, without a realiable power connection, you can't have a reliable internet/online connection.
  • Unfamiliarity with the tools such as Whiteboard. In the proctored exam, you can’t use any pen, pencil or paper. You have to write down everything digitally. Of course, writing on pen and paper is somewhat easier compared to whiteboard. But with sufficient practice, you won’t feel the difference at all.

The videos explain the steps needed for the PMI related exam in a sequence of simplified eleven steps. There are three videos in this post.
  • PMI Online Proctored Exam in 11 Steps (Overview).wmv [Duration: 5m:09s]
  • PMI Online Proctored Exam in 11 Steps (Part - 1).wmv [Duration: 14m:08s]
  • PMI Online Proctored Exam in 11 Steps (Part - 2).wmv [Duration: 14m:03s]

Video - 1: Overview of PMI Online Proctored Exam
This video gives the overview of the proctored exam in 11 steps. These steps entail - payment for the exam, scheduling your exam, having proper system and settings, running a system test, having familiarity with the online tools, the process of self-check-in till you complete the exam and see the result as a successful PMP, CAPM, ACP or PBA. 

First go through this video to have the overview on what you are going to know [Duration: 5m:09s]. For best experience, you may want to go full screen in HD mode and plug-in your earphones or headphones.

Video - 2: Simplified Steps for PMI Online Proctored Exam – Part 1
This video explains the first six steps in a plain way. I’ve considered myself and what I would do, if I were to take the exam. The steps are:
  • Step – 1: Make your payment to PMI. 
  • Step – 2: Schedule your exam. 
  • Step – 3: Ensure to have a proper system and settings.
  • Step – 4: Run a System Test few days before the exam.
  • Step – 5: Be familiar with the tools such as Calculator, White Board.
  • Step – 6: Self check-in 30 minutes before the exam day.

Do go through this video [Duration: 14m:08s], before you proceed to the next video.

Video - 3: Simplified Steps for PMI Online Proctored Exam – Part 2
This video explains the final five steps in a plain way. Again, I’ve considered what I would do, if I were to take the exam. The steps are:
  • Step – 7: Begin the Exam.
  • Step – 8: Take the 10 minutes Break. (in 3 sub-steps)
  • Step – 9: Continue with the exam after the break. And Complete the exam.
  • Step – 10: Exit from the exam.
  • Step – 11: Celebrate your success.

Important: A mid-exam break is NOT available for shorter duration exams such as CAPM and ACP examinations. This break is ONLY applicable for longer duration exams such as PMP and PBA. Hence, if you are going for the ACP or CAPM exam, then you can skip this step, i.e., skip the above "Step – 8: Take the 10 minutes Break".

As you go through this video [Duration: 14m:03s], and also the previous videos, pay particular attention to the behaviors which are not considered acceptable and may result in your exam termination. It may also result in invalidating your exam score, even though you have passed the exam.

The online proctored exam is here to stay as the world continues to grapple with the Covid19 virus crisis. In other words, you can continue to take the exam this year and in future years.

Hence, it’s a good idea to know the steps – applicable for all the PMI related certifications such as PMP, CAPM, ACP and PBA. I believe with these videos, you will get a much better understanding on how to take the exam in Online Proctored Mode and feel more confident to go with this mode.

If you are taking any of the above exams, good luck and wish you all the very best.   

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