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More Sample Videos (10): ACP Live Lessons – Guaranteed Pass


This is in continuation of the following post: 

Eight sample videos have been made available in the above post.

In this post, 10 more sample videos have been made public. The access to these videos is completely free and can be seen at the YouTube channel of Management Yogi.

The ten videos are from:

  • Lesson - 2: Introduction (2 videos)
    • Video: 2.1.4 PMI-ACP Certification Pre-requisites
    • Video: 2.1.12 The PMI-ACP Exam
  • Lesson - 3: Agile Principles and Mindset (2 videos)
    • Video: 3.1.8 Project Life Cycles (from Part - 1)
    • Video: 3.1.18 Two Agile Types (from Part - 1)
  • Lesson - 4: Value Driven Delivery (3 videos)
    • Video: 4.1.5 Current Domains Mapping - Value Driven Delivery
    • Video: 4.1.6 Notations Used
    • Video: 4.1.7 Features, Benefits, Agile Business Value
  • Lesson - 5: Stakeholder Engagement (2 videos)
    • Video: 5.1.1 Learning Objectives
    • Video: 5.1.42 Levels of Conflict
  • Lesson - 6: Team Performance (1 video)
    • Video: 6.1.28 T, I and Broken-Comb Skills

You can check these videos one by one.

Part 1 of this series: Sample Videos from ACP Live Lessons


Videos: Lesson 2  Introduction

Video 2.1.4 PMI-ACP Certification Pre-requisites (3m:41s)

This video needed pre-requisites to sit in the Agile Certified Practitioner (ACP) exam. There are the latest ones. 

Video 2.1.12 The PMI-ACP Exam (4m:15s)

This video explains on the PMI-ACP exam structure with the number of questions (scored and unscored), the exam duration, the performance rating categories and how you should score in the exam to pass.

To check upon various ACP Success Stories, you can refer: 

ACP Success Stories Over Years 


Videos: Lesson 3  Agile Principles and Mindset

This is the first domain to know for your PMI-ACP exam. 

Video 3.1.8 Project Life Cycles (7m:34s) [Part 1, Lesson 3]

There are various types of project life cycles such as Predictive/Waterfall, Iterative, Incremental, Adaptive and Hybrid. This video explains in detail. The focus for ACP Live Lessons will be Adaptive or Agile cycles. 

Accompanying article: 

Why and When to Go for Agile Life Cycle

Video 3.1.18 Two Agile Types (3m:39s) [Part 1, Lesson 3]

There are two Agile types – Iteration-based and Flow-based. An example of iteration-based Agile can be the Scrum framework, whereas example of flow-based Agile can be the Kanban method.  

Accompanying article:

Troubleshooting in Lean-Agile Development 


Videos: Lesson 4  Value Driven Delivery

This is the second domain for your PMI-ACP exam. As per the ACP-ECO, maximum number of questions are expected from this domain.

Video 4.1.5 Current Domains Mapping - Value Driven Delivery (4m:53s)

The lessons covers a number of areas such as User Stories (an introduction), minimally marketable features (MMF), a number of prioritization techniques, Risk Adjusted Backlog, a number of quality related practices such as TDD, ATDD, BDD, DoD. It also covers various compliances needed and Agile contracting. This video gives a brief overview of the tools and techniques (T&T) as well as knowledge and skills (K&S) used for this lesson/domain.

Video 4.1.6 Notations Used (1m:04s)

For the ACP exam, you have to be proficient in a number of tools and techniques (T&T) as well as knowledge and skills (K&S. These are spread across all the lessons. These notations will be used for the T&Ts as well as K&Ss. It shows a clear distinction and will be applicable all lessons.  

Video 4.1.7 Features, Benefits, Agile Business Value (9m:01s)

Many confuse features, benefits and value. They are all different and distinct terms. Agile is fundamentally about business value and value delivery. This video relates features, benefits and business value. This belongs to the Value Driven Delivery lesson. 

Accompanying article:

Fundamentals of Value-Driven Delivery


Videos: Lesson 5  Stakeholder Engagement

This is the third domain to know for your PMI-ACP exam. 

Video 5.1.1 Learning Objectives (2m:31s)

The learning objectives for Stakeholder Engagement lesson. We will cover a number of areas such as Agile business case, chartering, eliciting stakeholder requirements, communicating with stakeholders to applying interpersonal skills with stakeholders. 

Video 5.1.42 Levels of Conflict (3m:55s)

There are 5 levels of conflict in Agile. As an Agile coach or practitioner, you need to know these five levels of conflict, which are not only important for your PMI-ACP exam, but also in the real-world. 


Videos: Lesson 6  Team Performance

This is the fourth domain to know for your PMI-ACP exam. 

Video 6.1.28 T, I and Broken-Comb Skills (4m:23s)

One of the successful characteristics of Agile team is that the team is cross-functional with generalizing specialists. To understand generalizing specialists, you need to understand T-shaped, I-shaped and broken-comb skillsets. This video explains in detail.  

Accompanying article (from Agile Asanas series): 

Agile Asanas: Bus Factor, Broken-Comb Skills and Cross-Functional Teams


To know more about this course and what is "Guaranteed ACP or Your Money Back Program",  please refer:

Part 1 of this series: Sample Videos on ACP Live Lessons

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You can also see the sample videos in a playlist.

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