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40 NEW PMI-CAPM Free Questions and Answers (Part - 1)


The Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM®) exam from PMI is solely based on the PMBOK® Guide, 6th edition. The exam blueprint, however, is based on the Exam Content Outline (ECO) for the CAPM exam. The PMBOK guide covers a vast area in project management and includes a good number of Agile concepts and practices. In this post series we will have 40 PMI-CAPM questions.

These questions are referenced from CAPM Live Lessons - Guaranteed PassCAPM 23 Contact Hours and the book, I Want To Be A CAPM. Do note that these questions are not directly from the CAPM exam, but based on my understanding and feedback from successful CAPMs.

To answer these questions, you need to have:

  • Good grasp on Knowledge Areas of the PMBOK Guide, 6th edition. 
  • Good grasp of the introductory areas of the PMBOK guide such as Project Life Cycles, Project Environment and Role of Project Manager. 
  • Sound understaning of the Agile practices as per the PMBOK guide.
  • Understanding the content of the ECO. The ECO is a small, barebone document listing the possible (not all) topics to be covered for the CAPM exam.

This is the first of the series with 20 questions. The next part has another set of 20 questions.

I hope you enjoy doing these questions and it helps in your preparation for the PMI-CAPM exam.

[This series - Part - 2]


Question – 1: Networking, used as a tool and technique in Manage Communications process, can do all of the followings, EXCEPT: 

A Gives access to information organization
B Influences stakeholders' actions
C Increases stakeholders' support
D Removes barriers to communication

Question – 2: As you implement the agreed upon risk responses created for the risks, all of these can be done, OTHER THAN: 

A Address overall project risk exposure
B Maximize individual opportunities
C Minimize individual threats
D Evaluate the effectiveness of risk responses.

Question – 3: You resolved a conflict between two members, but again they got into fighting. What conflict resolution approach should help you BEST?

A Collaborate
B Smooth
C Compromise
D Direct

Question – 4: For stakeholders with high power, but low interest, you should: 

A Keep them satisfied.
B Manage them closely. 
C Monitor them continuously. 
D Keep them informed.

Question – 5: For successful communication, you need to FIRST:

A Develop a communication strategy.
B Find out the various communication dimensions to use in the project.
C Determine the activities and artifacts of communications.  
D Develop a communication management plan. 

Question – 6: You are giving certificates of appreciation and also corporate apparel with a team logo to your team members. These can be taken from:

A Enterprise Environmental Factors 
B Organizational Process Assets 
C Project management information system 
D Is to be purchased from the outside

Question – 7: The procurement decisions are decided and documented in _______________ process.

A Plan Procurement Management 
B Conduct Procurements 
C Control Procurements 
D Plan Project Management

Question – 8: You want to find out the reasons for accidents on a construction project. Which one of the following would be BEST to use?

A Check sheet.
B Why-why diagram.
C Pareto diagram.
D Scatter diagram. 

Question – 9: A ceiling price is MOST LIKELY to be set in which contract?

A Fixed price incentive fee (FPIF) 
B Fixed price with economic price adjustments (FPEPA) 
C Cost plus fixed fee (CPFF) 
D Time and material (T&M)

Question – 10: A self-organizing team functions with an absence of centralized control. Such teams are BEST supported by:

A Generalizing specialists. 
B Critical resources at the right time. 
C Adaptive team members. 
D Emotionally intelligent team members.

Question – 11: In an agile environment, communications artifacts are put in a transparent manner. These are known as: 

A Checkpoints 
B Artifacts 
C Information Radiators 
D Information Reports

Question – 12: The period of time that may elapse after a risk has occurred before a risk's impact is discovered, is known as:

A Risk Urgency
B Risk Proximity
C Risk Detectability
D Risk Dormancy

Question – 13: Stakeholder Engagement Assessment Matrix is used in which process(es) of Communications Management KA? 

A Plan Communications Management
B Manage Communication
C Monitor Communications
D Both Plan Communications Management or Monitor Communications

Question – 14: All of the followings are part of Risk Report, EXCEPT:

A Assessment of overall project risk exposure. 
B Detailed probabilistic analysis of the project.
C Prioritized list of overall project risks. 
D Recommended risk responses.

Question – 15: You want to evaluate if the quality objectives have been achieved. For this purpose, you should use:

A Checklists
B Requirement Traceability Matrix
C Test and Evaluation documents
D Inspection

Question – 16: Actual assignment of resources - team and/or physical - happens in which process group?

A Initiating
B Planning
C Executing
D Monitoring and Controlling

Question – 17: Control Quality process is about ___________________ deliverables, whereas Validate Scope is about ________________ of deliverables.

A Verification, Implementation
B Testing, Inspection
C Completeness, Correctness
D Correctness, Acceptance

Question – 18: The responsibility for the Organizational System lies with the:

A Project Manager
B Organizational Management
C Organization's PMO
D Stakeholders, including Senior Management

Question – 19: To find out the seller processes, procedures, or products that are out of compliance, you can use:

A Quality reports 
B Risk Report
C Audit Report
D Performance Report

Question – 20: At the end of the day, leadership and management are ULTIMATELY about:

A Ability to get things done 
B Ability to deal with politics
C Understanding when to be flexible with tactical priorities
D Selecting the right kind of power to influence and negotiate with others 


The question set is available in the embedded document below. The answers are also part of this document.

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