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CHAMP Success Story: One of the Best Hybrid-Agile Certification Courses I Ever Attended

By Dr Kish Ranai, CHAMP


The Certified Hybrid-Agile Master Professional or CHAMP certification course is one of the few best courses I have attended. The course provides very detailed, step-by-step examples on how to go about implementing the concepts of Hybrid Project Management. Satya, the creator of the course, is an excellent teacher and very dedicated to what he does.  

I enrolled in this course because I wanted to know more about agile project management especially on how we go about incorporating these agile features in MS Project. Most of the infrastructure projects that I have planned during my long career in IT was very much based on the traditional predictive approach. This course gave me the opportunity to fill this missing gap in my understanding.

Why this Certification Course?

The important strength of the CHAMP certification course was it starts from the beginning of planning a project via the traditional waterfall approach which we are all so used to. Then the course slowly guides us on how to incorporate the agile features such as Scrum and Kanban in this project plan, thus ending with a full-blown Hybrid project plan.

This course will give you a broad understanding on how to go about managing a project which takes advantage of the strength of two distinct project management approaches – namely predictive and adaptive. 

You will also get the opportunity to clear a lot of your questions and doubts on your understanding on how projects are planned during Satya’s Management Review Sessions. I found these sessions most valuable as it reinforces my understanding and enabled me to gain more insights of the current industry practices.

CHAMP Certification Course – Key Features

After completing the course, you will find that the whole curriculum of CHAMP certification course is well thought of and well planned for you. 

In my view, following are the key aspects: 

  • It guides you from the very beginning right up to the final project reports. 
  • The course is structured very methodically, and all videos are short and very precise in showing what is being covered in course content.
  • A lot of tricks, techniques and tips are shared by Satya to make you more productive as a Hybrid-Agile master practitioner. His instructions are very clear and easy to understand. 
  • You will get answers to any additional queries you may have during the course promptly.
  • Every module is well guided, and all the instructional videos are clear and easy to follow. 
  • Concepts are clearly explained, and tips and techniques are also shown along the way enable you to be more productive in your Hybrid-Agile planning.

Most of us are familiar with waterfall planning using MS Project but are unsure of how to include the agile features in the same project plan. I found the topics/lessons Hybrid Project with MS Project, Hybrid Scrum Project and Hybrid Scrum Project Reporting the most interesting and informative. 

I guarantee that after going through these topics you will not have any apprehension on how to plan a hybrid project using MS Project.

CHAMP Certification Course – Lessons and Coverage

There are 11 lessons in this course (see main webpage for details). At the end of each lesson you get a chance to test your understanding on well-crafted situational scenarios of hybrid-project management issues.

The other strong point is that this being a video based instructional course you can replay the instructional videos as many times as you wish until you are satisfied with the understanding before moving on to the next lesson.

Each lesson’s video is short, self-contained, and well organized and you able to achieve the objective of the lesson very quickly.

The quality of the video and audio are excellent and understanding Satya’s instructions and accent is not an issue. You can grasp all the technical concepts very easily. 


If you are someone who is in the software development area or managing software projects this course is a must attend. It will empower you to be an effective project manager and enhance your career path in this field of project management. 

You will gain a lot of insights from Satya from his vast experience in this field that will enrich your understanding in this area of project management. 

The investment you put for this certification course is money and time well spent.

Brief Profile: Dr Kish Ranai, CHAMP is a management professional, based out of Singapore.

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