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PMP Live Lessons Success Story: The Best Course Content I’ve Ever Seen and Blindly Followed The Material To Be A PMP

By Lakshmi Narayan Dash, PMP


I had been working in the IT industry for years in various administration and operation projects. I decided and wanted to go from technical responsibility to management responsibility. 

My keen desire was to learn agile well, which will help in my new responsibility. The PMP certification course has at least 50% content from Agile. This encouraged me to go for the credential.

PMP Coaching Experience

I was completely new to Agile when I began. I had one-to-one discussions, and also joined sessions in group settings. Though I was completely new to Agile, after the session and going through the material, my knowledge improved rapidly. I was giving better ideas and suggestions to the Product Owners (POs) and Scrum Masters (SMs), with whom I have been driving the project for the last three years.

Own Study

I have been trying and preparing for the exam from 2021. In the first round of my preparation, I was slow and was able to complete Integration Management. The next preparation I went through Agile content repeatedly. The material and content are the best as per my knowledge and experience.

My last preparation was a very short one and it began during the end of 2023. I had gone through the PMP Live Lessons content for a variety of questions. I had a discussion with Satya Sir. Post the discussion, 

I only prepared for Agile, Hybrid, Resource Management, Stakeholder Management, Communication Management, Quality and Procurement Management. 

I tried multiple question sets from the PMP Live Lessons. The below things helped:

  • Going through Agile content of Live Session more than 5 times and twice while going through the lesson-end questions.
  • I’ve gone through Resource Management, Stakeholder and Communication Management thrice
  • I nearly tried around 600 questions though I was not prepared through other knowledge areas (KAs).


PMP Live Lessons course is the best one I have ever seen. As mentioned earlier, I have been preparing since 2021. But it’s difficult from my end to pay for three years. 

Hence, I tried other free material from the internet, material from Indian Institute of Management’s (IIM) training etc. Trust me, they don’t have any substantial content. 

Please plan for 6 months PMP Live Lessons membership and blindly follow the instructions given in the live sessions. You yourself will tell where you stand after six months. Don’t miss the group classes conducted as it is a team learning with experienced managerial students. 

My suggestion will be these:

  • Active listening to the content of Live Lessons.
  • Revise with higher speed.
  • Challenge yourself by going through lesson-end and full-length questions. 
  • Repeat and improve.

PMP Exam Experience

I scheduled and took my exam at the Pearson Exam centre in Kolkata, India.

My strategy was not to leave any question as there is no negative marking. The exam is divided into three parts/sections and my goal was to complete three sections anyway as questions might be from real time, which I wanted to know and learn. 

Followings the number, content and kind of questions faced:

  • Fifty percent questions were from Agile and Hybrid.
  • Thirty percent questions were from resource management, stakeholder management and communication management.
  • Make sure we are preparing as per PMI syllabus for PMP, specifically these three domains - People, Process and Business Environment. 

My final score is shown below. 

Domain-wise, following is my score.

When I was informed that I’ve cleared the exam, at first, I could not believe it. But later it dawned upon me that I’ve indeed cleared the exam and is a certified PMP. Words cannot describe the feeling. You have to experience it yourself to know it. 

Suggestions for PMP Aspirants



  • If you are an experienced professional, don’t wait long to give the exam. Go and give it a shot.
  • There is no need to read the PMBOK Guide, 7th edition. I didn’t receive a single question from it.


I wish I could have extended access to the PMP Live Lessons. The content and questions are outstanding. 

For me, now the actual work has started. The learnings that I have had are to be used in my professional and personal lives.  Everything that you learn in your PMP journey can be planned for and be used in all spheres of your life.

Brief Profile: Lakshmi Narayan Dash, PMP

Current Role: Agile Project Manager and Senior Scrum Master.

Brief experience details: 3.5 years with HCL, 10 years with TCS, 2 years with Deutsche Bank and 9 months with Equiniti.


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