Monday, February 19, 2018

PMP Protein: Facing the Sun

By Manjunath R, PMP

We all face our top management in our day today professional activities. May it be presenting reports, proposing something, or clarifying something.  Sometimes, matter in hand will be in jeopardy while convincing the top management. There are several reasons for it. It may be the lack of artifacts, data, analysis of feasibility etc. But, most of the times, the modus operandi and the mode of evaluation of the top management will be discreet. Hidden agendas of Top Management are also one of the major factors contributing to unproductive meetings. 

It is difficult to question the top management about the transparency of bringing their motives on to the meeting table. It needs lot of experience and right attitude to bring out the actual expectations of the top management. If mishandled, the careers will be in jeopardy. Being honest sometimes will invite trouble. Like the proverb says 'Tall trees are cut first'.

Facing the top management is like facing the sun. One can’t keep staring at it, there is a risk of losing vision. With proper tools and techniques sun can be observed without harm. Same way with proper skill set top management can be handled. 

Most of the times, the top management tries to divert the issues to something which is not a part of agenda (not really important). This may be a part of their evaluation process, so as to know how important the agenda is and how desperate we are to bring the discussion back on track. Sometimes, top management plays the role of a Devil’s advocate to rule out all the possibilities which will have negative impact. If the business case is not feasible, it has to die on the discussion table. Top management plays role of a murder panel. 

Sometimes, it’s contrary. Top management will be so confident and enthusiastic about some business case that, they will not be in listening mode. They will be blindfolded about the negativities. Being aware of the negativities, middle management people fail to bring them on to the discussion table. 

Top Management sometimes may have decided something and call for the meeting to convey the same. But, before disclosing their verdict they would like to have some warm up discussions. 

It hard to know, what is in the mind of top management. It is always safe to double check the data and artifacts before presentation and to be clear about the agenda. Most importantly, being diplomatic helps a lot in facing top management. Emotions have to be kept under control. Surviving the scenario becomes more important.

Author: Manjunath R 
Manjunath R is a project management professional in construction industry. He is a graduate Civil Engineer. He is passed out from BIET (VTU) Davanagere in year 2005.He has been involved in construction industry as Deputy General Manager working for PDD Infratech. He has worked with several reputed organizations in Bangalore. He is having 12 plus years of hands on experience. He is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) from Project Management Institute (PMI). 

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